You might be a brat if you...

  • and your siblings were born in different states or countries.
  • saw Santa land in a helicopter.
  • still imagine you hear Retreat at 1700.
  • went to eleven schools before graduation, three in one school year.
  • made friends fast, before the next move.
  • spent your vacations visiting relatives.
  • relatives spent their vacations visiting you because you lived near D.C.
  • never knew what to say at college when people asked where you were from.
  • remember your roots when you hear the Star Spangled Banner.
  • experienced places civilian kids only knew from movies and television.
  • feel immediate kinship with other brats regardless of race or gender.
  • loved summer camp, where you woke to Reveille, ate at the Mess Tent, and a quarter was bounced on your cot during morning inspection